Captains License Training

What is a Captains License?

Two primary captain’s licenses that are issued by the USCG are the Operator (6 pack) and the Master. 

The Operator (6 pack) license is for un-inspected vessels up to 100 gross tons and up to 100 miles offshore. The Master license is for either inspected (vessels carrying 7 or more passengers) or un-inspected vessels up to 100 gross tons and up to 200 miles offshore or on inland waters.  

Your boating experience may limit the tonnage to 25, 50 or 100 gross tons. Inland licenses are also available if you are operating primarily on inland waters. 

Why get a Captain’s License?

  • To work as a paid captain or mate 
  • To use your boat for charters
  • To learn or refresh your skills in navigation, chart plotting, rules of the road, safety & regulations, buoyant systems, basic weather, basic stability, and much more! 
  • To earn a credential that shows your experience and may even reduce insurance costs 
  • To improve your resume if you want to get a job on a bigger boat 
  • Bragging Rights of course 

It’s never too late to earn your Captain’s License. So why not take a class in 2019 and become the Captain of your own destiny.  

How is the curriculum taught and tested?

We have partnered with US Captains Training to provide a fully authorized training and testing center. The course is a blended online classroom. This means part of the curriculum can be taught online. The other part of the coursework is conducted in the classroom by our certified instructor. We can also offer classroom only training if that’s what you prefer. Our goal is to provide the best possible training for our students while accommodating your schedule or needs. Thus we offer you the flexibility to choose how you learn while providing a successful training experience. 

All paperwork is completed in our classes and sent to the USCG for final licensing. We walk you through the entire process to make it as streamlined as possible.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our classes. 

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